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The advice you take ensure you will have good performance in darkfall Online

Virtual world, like real world, has good and evil. To take advice that experienced players gave is always a advisable thing to do. You can better handle adventures that face you on the road to further exploring.
In the case you meet danger, and there is a river ahead, press “C” to dive underwater. Stop swimming , and you will auto float to the top.
Watch closely on your stamina bar. Avoid going below half stamina. stamina usually runs at a fast speed. It is temping to kill the entire goblin in one go but when your stamina is below half, you become an easy target to be attacked by enemies.
Do not take anything out of bank, especially those you can not afford to lose. It is good to dress up in full as long as you can afford it, but it is more advisable to wear lower quality armor which can offer similar protection as the heavy armor does.


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